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Here you see one of the occasions that an allosaur attacks one of the smaller sauropods. These where huge animals as adults. And as such not an ideal lunch for even the boldest meat-eater. But if desperation leads you to one of the smaller guys, the conditions could be rearranged.




An example of drawing technique, you see the features clearly as these drawings are aiming for bold lines to display character.


These drawings are made with special consideration for the clear and distinct features of the dinosaurs. And should be considered together with all the different creatures in this special series (see here). In making the drawings of all these dinosaurs in a constant fashion and not so much as separate paintings in different techniques, it is considered more easy for the viewer to get an understanding of the characteristics of each and every one of these dinosaurs.

Would you like to more examples of this approach, press here.




This picture makes obvious the huge jaws of theese dinosaurs. And maybe let you be reminded of the creatures living today with similar, altough more modest capabilities. Such as crocodiles and sharks. Consider the strength and speed of this dinosaur and you get a rough idea of his ability.


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