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To make the mysteries of dinosaurs a little more available to children, there are some material published on the subject that are especially easy to read if your interest is larger than your reading experience. Here are some booklets that I have illustrated in cooperation with the swedish publisher Gleerups. Aimed at children, they are short in text and clear in pictures. Only available in swedish, maybe not to much good for you that not understand it. These covers will give you a brief visual knowledge of their appearance anyhow. If you would like to look on more of the pictures, or maybe even try to draw some dinosaurs yourself, you could go to any of the pages linked from the bottom of this page.







Publisher of these small booklets are Gleerups publishers, malmo, sweden. You can go to their site here: but be warned that it is somewhat difficult to navigate around there. Other illustrational examples from the above booklets are available here.

copyright © 2012, peter goransson & gleerups