The courtyards found in larger urban areas were used extensively in the past. Partly because the homes were small and much of the coarser chores were done outdoors. But also because they simply were open out to the streets and then easily be used for socializing and benefits. Which meant that craftsmen could have small workshops on the yards, in order to receive customers and so on. Nowadays the craftsmen are generally very rare and yards usually locked. Operation is much more marginal.

sitting area

Despite the more discriminating use, which hardly is a requirement anymore, many people would still like their courtyards to be appealing. And after all be used occasionally. More modern yards are often a little bit more open and thus lighter. Older yards darker and smaller. Surrounded by plaster facades and beautiful windows. In an attempt to soften the limited surfaces and beautiful but monotonous facades, I sketched a few additional courtyard "interiors". (Click picture to advance.)


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