A playground can be an adventure. An outing and an experience. A jungle gym in the schoolyard can save an entire school day. Hopscotch or go roller skating. Relatively simple pleasures that do not need to put too much strain on the household budget. So why not put little of that opportunity in the city center. Perhaps to relieve the father one time, when he will discuss kitchen chores with a boring old dude in a boring store. Or to be a destination for both siblings, then parents can still take the opportunity to do some shopping. And maybe even have a cup of coffee. Or simply remind themselves of the forgotten child at home. And promise themselves to come back soon. With children.

örnsköldsvik playground

Here are some kind of scaffold. Sort of. Or ball pit. Or jump pad. Or boat race track. Perhaps one can imagine other possibilities with the construction than just those intended. But the main objective is probably just to keep young children accessing the playground. And that the parents are able to look at the toddler action. If yet a bit relaxed.


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