Not just new construction but also reconstruction and renovation, often means that materials are selected, only on functional grounds. Often this means automatically a predominance of industrially manufactured facings "maintenance free" and the like. Can be different types of bent sheet metal. Polished pretty thin stone panels. Off-site cast concrete blocks, joined with silicone joints. Steel skeleton covered with glass panels, etc. With the common feature of completely lacking any craftsmanship. While it from a building standpoint and rational perspective, of course, is very inexpensive and effective, that means trouble.

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The highly industrialized materials often lack entirely the feelings that exist in the "old" traditional materials. A completely smooth surface is much less vivid than is the case with a surface that has irregularities. A cast concrete wall is much less vivid than a plastered wall with mortar. An exterior wall of steel sheet immediately becomes less vivid than a wall of wood. In addition, aging of the "maintenance free" materials are very significant. In this way, that any deviation towards the "new condition" seems to be obvious and disturbing. While the older types of more rugged materials age beautifully. And tolerance towards maintenance is therefore greater. Therefore one can consider if doors and windows must be truly aluminum profiles of the standard incision. Or it may even be possible with carved wooden profiles. There are, after all, buildings over a hundred years old, who still has both doors, window frames and facade detailing in proper condition. Any attempt to craft construction also provides immediate deviations toward the supermarkets and so on.


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