Increasingly so it grows up areas outside city centers exclusively for commercial purposes. Buyers paradise, shopping malls, supermarkets, outlets, etc., it is called. More or less well-assorted businesses that offer free parking and reasonably low prices. "Why go to the city center when the parking is expensive and the prices high," etc. A kind of argument that have more substance if the difference is otherwise non-existent between the center and the supermarket. A sort of quest for efficiency that often lacks real substance. Why runaround the large parking areas, chasing about the endless retail space, look for standard goods from high-volume producers and have half a mile or so to the next shop. When you can instead take it easy, yet do some effective shopping, appreciate the local environment, watch a show and maybe play some bowling with some friends. Not be a consumer, only.

örnsköldsvik mot norr

The risk becomes apparent when trying to compete with supermarkets by making the town more like these. This reduces the downtown's character and quality. The challenge is to provide an efficient use of time, for those who wish, while maintaining the city's character and versatility. Quick access to parking houses, easy purchase of bulky goods. Quick and easy handling of the volume of goods, foods and beverages. Diverse range of goods and services. Even more odd and specialized. Variety of venues, housing and ownership forms. Small-scale ownership makes the large scale property takeover less attractive for large-scale operators. Which discourages unilateral trade range. Active associations and interest groups can contribute to activities, with greater enthusiasm if the commercial pressures are less tangible or obvious.


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