Here the objective is primarily to maintain a transparent impression, while both offer meeting places, venues and protection from rain and sunshine. The execution can be controlled from the very modernist sweeping lines to more traditional forms. By mixing different types of small businesses, you get both the flexibility and small size. The design also allows you to create an original and easy to use profile in marketing, etc. Which the surrounding businesses also benefit from.

örnsköldsvik mot norr

Through traffic is below ground, and the traffic that is allowed here, in the very central parts, consisting mainly of public transport and various short-term parking as well as limited commercial traffic. In the far, northern part of the area is a parking garage. Available through several smaller streets, and a few somewhat larger. In the southern part of the area are a couple of open parking areas, short-term parking. An ambition has been to use as much greenery as it is only possible to have, for practical reasons. Open asphalt surface has been broken by ground concrete bricks with open design that allows grass and other vegetation to supplement hedgerows, shrubs and trees, to make the asphalt feel less dominant. Activities for children has been suggested.


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