It is dark. Moist. Hot and cold. Silent. And yes, the light is slowly rising in the mist. Gleaming and glimmering streaks cascading lightly over the green carpets of foliage. Something breaks the silence. Splashing water. A cry. Scream? And the hell break lose. All over the place. Thunder and roar. Snapping and cracking. Even the ground trembles. What is this place? No, it is not hell. But as lucky as we may be, there are no humans around. If they where, they would be sorry. Because this is the land of dinosaurs. And they are hungry. They eat flesh. They are strong. And they are fast. So you may be better off in your cosy home or anywhere else than in their neighbourhood. They are probably also happy to be left alone from humans, as they have other things on their minds. Some of the smaller dinosaurs must look out for the larger ones. Some of the larger ones eat just plants and will continue doing that until some carnivour stop them. With the order of nature, not every creature like the same things, or eat the same food. Not all of them are fast either. So when the fierce sounds of hunting and stampede breaks the dawning light, you would be better off either doing a fast runner or stay and be big & brave.
Who where big? Or who where chicken? Why is the oviraptor above looking anxiously over the
shrubs? Are you in the mood for a small dose of dinosaur knowledge? Then please go to this page:

Facts about some of the more famous dinosaurs.

Examples in pictures of the above dinosaurs.






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