General Information regarding this site.


Navigation: How can I find the galleries and where are the newest stuff? The main galleries are to be found from the index page. They are divided into different categories mostly for your convienence and some technical reasons. The new stuff are also most likely to be found at those galleries. No special attention are given to the date of upload or creation, however. Everything are mixed happily. The other (more specialised) galleries, such as "overview" and "maps" for example, are updated extremely seldom. The categorizing are not in any way exact, and not considered important at all. Just a little help to navigate. Some pictures can also be used to open up links for other examples or details.

Cookie policy: Do this site use cookies? No, not really. We do not like cookies. But the web server company who manages the servers are using the simplest form of cookies on some of the pages, to count visitors. This simple form of information are not sent to any third party whatsoever.

Copyrights & rights to use pictures: Can I use any pictures on this site for my own site or other projects? Absolutely not. No pictures can be used for anything without a written permission from me. Many of the pictures are also the properties of copyright holders other than me. And they also have the authority to enforce legal action towards any copyright violations. But you are always welcome to ask.

Referenced clients: Most artists are always trying to list their clients. You do not. Why? Don't you have any clients? The reasons for not listing clients are ideological. It may sound presumptuous, but simply mean that every client are worth as much at time of work as any other. Every job is regarded as a totally new comission. And looked upon with fresh eyes every time. That is also the reason for all the different approaches of the pictures and their techniques. Not one method of drawing alone can fit every situation. (A job can develop or change during the creation. Flexibility paired with sensitivity can handle or speed up the process).

But it would be interesting to know what some of the pictures have been used for? Yes, some people are obviously of that opinion. But to really give interesting info conserning the pictures would require more than just listing of clients. It would require background information, examples of the context and targets. Timebased as well as economical premises. A compromise more suited for the pages of this site are also the reason for the "framed for the moment" title at the index page. Where we try to reveal the use for some selected pictures. To increase that possibility, you can find a collection of "framed" pictures with their short explanations here. And you are always welcome to ask for any specifics.

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